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Book Review

George’s Secret Key to the Universe
Author             Lucy Hawking, Stephen Hawking, Christophe Galfard
Country           United Kingdom
Language        English
Genre              Popular science
Published         2007 Doubleday
Pages               297
ISBN                978-1-4169-5462-0  

George’s secret key to the Universe is a science fiction novel, published in 2007.The main story tells about George, a boy with his strict parents whom forbid almost everything. He cannot eat fast food, because his parents are vegetarian. He cannot have a computer because his parents had their own generator for electricity, and it is not enough for a computer, and so on….. The only entertainment he had was just a little pig, and it disappeared in the beginning of the story.

          George then find out that his pig went to the house next door. The house next door is scary, it was abandoned, filled with tall trees, making it gloomy and dark. George then proceeds to ask to his mother about the house next door. George’s mom tells him that once there was an old man living there, and he suddenly disappeared, it was long time ago.

            George finally decide to slip to the house next door to save his pig, climbing up the fence, then swing from a tree branch. George then find his pig licking a purple liquid, turns out, it is a blueberry Juice. George then meet Anne, a little girl about his age, wearing a ballerina dress at that house. He also meet Mr.Erick , a kind man which is also Anne’s father and an astronomer. George ask a lot about science and technology to Mr. Erick, and since then they became friends.

            Before he takes his pig home, Mr. Erick shows a secret that George must keep, a supercomputer named Cosmos. When he met Cosmos, his whole life changes. Cosmos is a computer that can count really fast, teleport human and things, simply made a portal, and also make space and cosmic animation real. But Cosmos is not funny, it proud of itself too much, and sometimes think that George is silly.
            Since then, George think a lot about space and astronomy. He come frequently to Mr. Erick’s House to learn, and sometimes play with Anne, but most of the time they fight. George’s Life seems good, he learns a lot, he makes new friends when there’s an astronomers conference in that house, but not for long. He is still bullied, and also distracted from a school lesson. He draws Cosmos during the class, and his science teacher, Dr. Greeper caught him not focus during the lesson.
            Dr. Greeper interest’s towards George’s drawing Increases. He then interrogates George for more information, and give him a letter. George then report this to Mr.Erick. Mr. Erick suddenly rushed after seeing the letter, he wears his space suit and rushed towards the portal that cosmos creates.
George comes along with Mr. Erick, only to find out that the letter from Dr. Greeper are fake coordinates, filled with black hole everywhere. It was a trick after all. Mr. Erick consumed by black hole, he died in darkness, separated into atoms, but he saved George.
            It was then told, that Mr. Erick had a wife. It is also known that Dr.Greeper was Mr. Erick’s Friend, who had an evil ambitions using Cosmos, and that’s why Mr. Erick keep Cosmos out of Dr. greeper’s range.
            The story finally getting more Interesting, with the author, explains the theory he made himself in a book, to help Anne’s mom (Susan), George, and Anne to defeat Dr. Greeper and save Mr. Erick.

The plot is very interesting overall, from beginning to the end. The storyline flows dynamic, interesting, and funny. The pictures in between the story are very detailed, retro (black and white), but cute, with the help of Garry Parsons as the illustrator. There are also real pictures from satellites printed in photo papers, making this book very exclusive!! Plus, information about every planet in solar system in between the story pages, making it unique. Very recommended for all ages, but specifically target pre teenagers.
Overall, this book is worth every penny, but the paper build quality is not really good. Very educative even for adults. The plot of stranded kid with strict parents making it different from other light novels. Good for light reading, eager learners about our universe, or even illustrators, as the quality of the pictures and  are unbelievably awesome.
The Writer is Lucy Hawking, The Daughter of Stephen hawking, a Nobel prize winner in physics, astronomer and physician. Together they make this book as there is also 3 sequels from this book, making it a- 4 book series. In this book, Stephen hawking explains his new theory about black holes and hawking radiation. This book is also written with the help of Cristophe Galfard (Phd).

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