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Curriculuum Vitae and Application Letter

Job Vacancy

Ernest Giovanni

Mobile: 08577517535       E-mail:
Personal Profile

 Name : Ernest Giovanni
 20 years old
 Born in Bandung, 11th of May 1997
 Currently stay in Singapore
Address: Jongbek street 17 
Visa status: Singapore work visa, valid until 2020


Ø  First place (gold medal) in Electrical engineering management research                                          (MIT Science event 2015)


2011-2013                                 High school                      SMAN 3 Bandung
Grade achieved:                       Undergraduate

2013-2016                      Electrical engineering            NUS
Grade achieved:                        B.Sc

Work Experience

2013-2015                   Electrical engineer                      Hewlett Packard Ltd.

Main duties performed:Control and plan manufacturing  

2015-2016                   Electric Consultant                                  Oracle Corp.

Skills and certification

Technical:  basic engineering and electrical engineering 
Interpersonal: Friendly, Wide variety of hobby knowledge , self discipline,efficient time management

Certificate: Very good (TOEFL) , Expert ( International engineer standard) , 

Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies: Golf, Badminton , cook

Interests: Public Policy and Public Interaction , Jazz Music, Sneakers(shoes), Quantum physics 

Application Letter

Austin, Texas
Ernest Giovanni
Jongbek Street 17
August,29 2017
Dear Mr. Robin
This letter is with reference to your advertisement for the electrical engineer job vacancy in your company.I am writing to you due to my interest on the post.
I have a graduate degree in Electrical mechanics from  National University of Singapore in the year 2016. Meantime, I worked in Oracle corp at Singapore as an Electric Consultant until now.I am currently doing research for Singapore Trans line electric mapping along with researchers from NUS.
I am looking for a better place to work and I find your company impressive. Your company has the reputation of one of the best employee friendly organizations. I want to be a part of this esteemed organization.I am also very Interested in microchip and eager to find out more about the making process.
I have attached my CV and my resume for more information.For further information, you can contact me on the contact number given in the resume.Please inform me if I am short listed for this post through my contact number
 I am Looking forward to hear from you,

Yours Sincerely,

Ernest Giovanni

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