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My 2016 Christmas and 2017 New Year holiday

Hi guys, and everyone who is reading at this weekly post from my blog. 2016 has come to an end (whoa) and it is a new era now, but I will not forget about what really happened last year.

My Holiday started after I got my study report. It was on 22nd of December which is actually mother’s day as well. I had no special events for 3 days after the settlement began. All I did was eventually reading comic books, playing games, and watching animes as well. Then when it came to Christmas, the fun began.

On Christmas, I celebrate lots of things with my family, we went to church at first, and then we went to a restaurant with whole of my mother’s family. It was fun, we chat all day and we play together and the most important, we gave presents to one and another. It didn’t stop there we also had this chit-chat meeting for a whole day. I mean it, a whole day, until 10 pm sharp. We actually moved to another restaurant for dinner and continue our activities there.

The Following day, at 4am, I boarded to Jogja with my family. We had a lot of fun there, enjoying the local culinary, amazingly nature structures such as ‘tebing breksi’ and famous monuments such as galleries museums and manmade temples (candi). I stayed in Jogja not for long, only until before New Year. Oh, and by the way, I visited the entire casting place in AADC movie.

On 31st December, I celebrate my grandmother’s birthday and so on, my mother’s family met up again to celebrate this moment. At the time the year changed I slept and it was noisy outside because of fireworks.

The following day , my activity much less just doing another non productive activities such as watch animes, play games, and read comic books. I did it until the last day before I went to school which is on 9th January. This time my holiday is actually not that boring though, as there are some memorable events that I hadn’t felt until this holiday.

At last, that is my experience in this holiday I hope, the next holiday I get good grades and it will be a memorable holiday like this one.

Thank you for your attention and reading, I hope you will have a nice holiday, or you already had one?

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