Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016


Hi! Now,I’m going to share an experience that just happened recently.So,my school always held a cultural festival annually,and this year,a new name was announced! Yes,MEGANTARA Festival is held SMAN 3 BANDUNG on 10th of September 2016.I actually do not know where the MEGANTARA name was taken from.Anyway,It was held on Saturday,in Bali Field.

The Comitee itself was formed at least one month before d-day and consists of students from my school.The preparation was really complicated and their effort made me speechless.The opening was great,all of the students from grade 10 was told to join the parade.As a matter of fact,some kindergarten schools also participate in this parade where we went around some crowded street to promote this event.The parade went on well,and it was finished at 9 a.m.The gate was going to open at 12p.m,so I ate and relax at takolada,a cozy palce near my school for at least 2 hours.
I also chat with my friends at school for at least 1 hour before we finally went of.I did all of those chit-chat thing because the festival was held near my school,a place where I usually take PE subject.So,I went there with the ticket in my hand.When I get in,everything was unimaginable,and it made me breathless…

The set was perfect and everything was there.There are food festival,a big stage,cultural stand,footruck and many more. 

I really enjoyed that time.I watched the fashion show,gamelan show band performance and many more.Unfortunately,I must return home at 5 p.m.It was such a pity that the main show,The Changchuters and RAN started showing at 9p.m.I felt really sad that time,but it’s okay,because I can’t go out late under my parents control.So,that’s all from me,and sorry if there’s no photo.If you are eager to find out,follow @megantara 2016 on instagram,and you can see as well,the best of MEGANTARA.See you at another post

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