Selasa, 27 September 2016

The Most Unforgettable Moment in My Life

Hi there!In this post,I’m going to share an experience that I won’t forget,or actually,The most unforgettable moment in my life.So,Last Holiday,after I finished the national examination,my school initiated a graduation trip to Jogjakarta.Jogjakarta is an iconic city which I had never visit.So,it is my first time to be there,and I can feel this energy flowing inside me.
The first thing I know,is that we were going to mount Merapi to ride the Lava tour.It is a tour which is an offroad tour in the slope of Merapi Mountain.It was really fun and adrenaline-pumping.The next thing is we’re heading back to the hotel.The hotel was near the south park or usually called ‘Alun alun kidul’.We had a night fun there,warm ginger soup,Car-shaped bike with full lamps used for 3-5 person,it was really memorable.After that,we palyed cards till 12AM and staying up all night,prank each other room.
The next day,I woke up to a different situation.We visit Tubing cave and go shopping.

The following day of activities had different situations too,which made me woke up with a smile.I visit Jogja Bay,the largest waterpark in southeast Asia.We play waterslides together.

We also visit Indrayanti beach as well.The view was fantastic and I got lots of photos in memorial of my last secondary school/Junior high Trip.

It was so memorable that I wanted to redo it again with all of my friends in the future.So,All in all,I loved that moment.It was the first and hopefully not the last time I went to Jogja with all of my friends.

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