Selasa, 27 September 2016

Independence day celebration

Hey!Do you know when is the independence day of Indonesia?Well…,It stands on 17th of August.My school had also got its celebration.There are 3 competitions that each class must join.This obligation got other opportunities too,a trophy, an electric terminal, and a mirror to the class that compete the best.One of the competition that I enroll is ‘Tarik tambang’.It is a competition,which 2 teams must pull one end of a rope and brought other team to desperation.
            It turns out,that my class is the one who came to desperation.Yeah,we lost the final and we were on position 2.The next competition is hand ball in an unusual way.The gameplay is the same,but we’re not throwing and passing a ball.We pass a sponge instead.The game looked ridiculous,as my class’ team covered the goal with their body.To prevent enemy from getting any points,they sacrificed their sanitation,and they looked really,really wet.Our Team once again,lost the finals. It was really fun eventhough we lost the finals.

            Independence day celebration this time was really worth the time and effort.we got the fun we expected.

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