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About Me

28th of September 2016
          Hey there! Welcome to my blogspot .My name is Ernest Giovanni, and in this post,I’m going to introduce myself to you. Well actually, I’m going to start from basic explanations .I’m 15 years old and I was born on 11th of May 2001.Now,I study in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung, One of the best public schools in Indonesia where I live .I live in Bandung, The Capital city of West Java, a region in my country.
          To be precise ,I don’t know why I  choose this school before, which is far away from my house .Despite the conditions ,I finally stuck here with so many incredible students .Now, I’m 10th Grader, which means I’m still a junior among hundreds of old school here .But, That’s not actually true ,since I join the acceleration program ,hence I will graduate in the age of 17 and going to college in a cool way(I’m going to college!And I’m 17!).
          This leads to another thing:my characters.I am an ambitious person but I never show it to anyone,hence my actions are always slow ,I looked lazy but I hardly ever looked calm.My hobby is playing games actually.But in SMAN 3? NOPE. Ain’t nobody in SMAN 3 got time for that.I go home at 4.00 PM and I will arrive home  at 5 PM.This sounds frustrating as you know,all day and night studying.The struggle is real,but now,I’m going to take it all along,Because I believe,God wants me to take this way.
Hence sometimes I cry in silence because of my uncapibility,failure,and loneliness.But I believe,problems are common in life,and I know you who are reading this now, must have got problems too,and so,starting now, You and I will face all problems with best efforts,and prayers.

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